Smart Portable Jump Starter

Smart Portable Jump Starter


Ubiolab’s SmartSafe jumpstarter kit features a powerful 350A jumpstarter capable of starting most cars and trucks(Ford F150) up to 4.0L. The Built-in LCD display provides step by step jumpstarting and additional data about your vehicle’s battery health as well as protection circuitry to ensure safe and worry-free jumpstarting.


The 8,000mAh portable charger with USB-C input and outputs along with dual USB-A outputs will charge just about any device you have multiple times. The kit features a built-in flashlight with 3 dimming levels, blink and SOS modes. All of this and the included 12W wall charger and USB-C to USB-A cable fit in a glovebox friendly custom EVA zipper case.


    • 350A Jumpstarter 8,000mAh Battery
    • Smart Jump Cables
    • 5V/2.4A(12W) USBA Wall Charger
    • 3 ft. USBC Cable
    • EVA Carrying Case

    350A Jumpstarter 8,000mAh Portable Battery Features:

    • 350Ajumpstarter for cars and trucks up to 4.0L
    • 8,000mAh battery charges most phones up to 3X
    • 2.4A USB-C input/output
    • Dual 2.4A USB-A outputs
    • 5 mode flashlight variable dim, SOS
    • Battery level LED indicators


    Smart Jump Cable Features:

    • Built-in protection circuitry: reverse charge, reverse polarity, short circuit, over-discharge, overcharge
    • 2-pin safety rated and keyed connector
    • Spring-loaded clamps with grip texture


    Wall Charger Features:

    • 5V/2.4A (12W) USB-A output
    • Universally compatible with most USB devices
    • Compact folding prong design


    USB-C Cable Features:

    • 3 ft. length
    • Durable braided jacket
    • High-speed charge and data transfer


    Carrying Case Features:

    • Conveniently fits in glove box
    • Organizes accessories
    • Zipper closure

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    Download the user manual for JMB101 - Smart Portable Jump Starter