10,000mAh Aspect Wireless Portable Charger

10,000mAh Aspect Wireless Portable Charger


The ONE Power Bank + Wireless Charger You'll Ever Need!"


The Ubio Labs 10,000mAh Wireless Portable Charger is ideal for quick on-the-go charging. With a built-in wireless charger for your phone, plus two additional charging ports, it’s perfect for all the devices in your life. Includes USB & Lightening inputs.


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    • Wireless Portable Charger

    • 10,000mAh portable battery can power most smartphones 3.5 times - up to 34 hours of extra battery life.
    • Supports wireless charging for compatible smartphones - just place your phone on the wireless charging surface. 
    • Use your Lightning®cable to recharge the powerbank and charge your iPhone.
    • Two charging port options cover a huge range of devices (USB-A and USB-C)

    We offer a 24-month limited warranty from the date of purchase. Here is how it works:

    24-Month Warranty

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    Download the user manual for PBB196 Wireless Charging Stand