What is Wireless Charging?

Similar to “The Cloud,” wireless charging, to many, is this concept that exists somewhere in the universe, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Time to dispel any notions of confusion.

Most newer smartphone models (like iPhone 8 and newer) are capable of charging wirelessly.

What is Wireless Charging?

Rather than having to plug your phone in, you simply lay your phone down on a pad. Really.

How Does This Work?

A worthy inquiry! In every charging pad lies a coil that creates an electromagnetic field to transfer power to the receiving coil that lies in the phone. All through the power of science.

It’s important to note, not all phones have the capability to be charged wirelessly. While wireless charging technology has been around since the time of Nikola Tesla, wireless charging for cellular devices has only jumped onto the scene in the past few years.

Charging wirelessly is so convenient. No cables necessary.

Is it Faster Than Charging via Cable?

During the Dark Ages (pre-iOS 11.2), charging with the cable your phone came with was faster. However, with the launch of iOS 11.2, iPhone models 8 or later were now able to accept a 7.5-watt charge. Compare that to the 5 watts it could accept right out of the box, that’s a 50% faster speed. For Android users, phones can accept a 10-watt charge. Simply put, your Android phone will charge faster.

Is my Phone Compatible?

For starters, your phone must support wireless charging. This means it must meet a wireless charging standard. “Qi” (chee) is becoming the most popular standard for wireless charging. Some examples of phones that are Qi-certified are the iPhone 8 or later, and Samsung S6 or later. These phones support native wireless charging. That means you can put it on a wireless pad right out of the factory box without having to put a special case or adaptor on, which is required for older models. Our wireless charging pads are compatible with:

  • iPhone 8 and later

  • Galaxy S6

  • Galaxy S6 Active

  • Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Galaxy S6 Edge+

  • Galaxy Note 5

  • Samsung S8

  • Samsung S8+

  • Samsung S9

  • Samsung S9+

Finally, Why Should I Care?

If you’re like me, you have a drawer full of cables that belong to who knows what device. Wireless charging helps declutter your table or desk, and removes the hassle of malfunctioning cables.


Let’s recap what you’ll need if you want to join the wireless charging movement.

  • A phone that accepts wireless charging (see list above)

  • A wireless charging pad

Have the former and looking for the latter? You’re in luck! Ubio has a variety of pads to suit your needs, which provide 7.5 watts of charging for iPhone and 10 watts of charging for Android.