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What is Next For Wireless Charging?

Late last month, Apple announced they had cancelled their highly anticipated, AirPower product line. It left a lot of consumers asking, “now what?” when it comes to wireless power. With the inevitable launch of the upcoming iPhone, it will mark the fourth generation of iPhone that is compatible with wireless charging.

Yes, but what does this all mean? That wireless charging is only becoming more pervasive. The announcement has left some users scrambling to find a top-of-the-line wireless charger. Thankfully, we have some recommendations in mind.

Dual Wireless Charging Pad and Hub

What’s better than one charging pad? A high-speed charging pad with two spots, of course! Couple that with dual rear-facing USB-A outputs and that’s enough room for four devices to charge simultaneously.

Wireless Charging Pad and Hub

A slimmed down version of the Dual Wireless Charging Pad, without sacrificing any fast-charge speed. The USB-A output on the back of the pad allows for an additional charge as well.

Wireless Charging Dock and Hub Perfect for the kitchen or living room, it’s easy to place your phone on the charger while reading off a recipe. So yes, that does mean you can read Grandma Gerty’s chocolate chip cookies recipe and charge your phone.

Fabric Pad 2-pack One of our best-selling wireless pads, this fabric wireless pad is the perfect accompaniment to your home or office. A seamless integration comes at no expense to performance.

Dual Wireless Charger for iPhone and Watch Let’s face it, we all own too much stuff. Sure, it may be hypocritical to put out the call to own less things while also pushing another product. However in this case, when you can consolidate down to one charger, you'll find it is well worth the cost of admission.

Dock for iPhone and Watch Imagine you’re charging your iPhone and Apple Watch, but you have some friends that need to charge as well, but all outlets are taken? Enter the rear-facing USB-A outlets. Double the charging capacity of the Dual Wireless Charger, but at a fraction the size? We'll take one, please.

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