We Create the Extraordinary

Highly-Engineered Mobile Accessories

From concept to customer, Ubio Labs mobile accessories are impacted by a dedication to technology, safety and purposeful, beautiful design. Our designers and engineers live in the details, down to the millimeter and milliamp. Our product lines include solutions for wireless charging, portable charging, cables, lighting, audio and more. When obsessive attention to detail meets stunning design, the results are amazing.

Beautifully Designed

Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Our industrial designers are at the very core of our designs. With free range over form, materials and finishes, each Ubio Labs product is designed to effortlessly bridge the gap between form and function. Premium materials include things like tempered glass and milled aluminum accenting that stand out from everyday tech accessories. High-end finishing includes soft touch exteriors, electroplated elements and world-class fabrics. We take the time and energy to ensure a perfectly coordinated experience for every user.

Superior Technology

Purposeful Design

A focus on the latest technology drives our product and engineering teams to create the highest-performance mobile accessories available. But purposeful design incorporates much more than the latest tech. You must consider the user and their experience at every stage of the process. Features like additional power outputs on our wireless chargers and accelerometer-driven battery displays on our portable chargers are just a couple examples of how thoughtful design can make all the difference when using a Ubio Labs product.

Faster Charge Times

New Technology



Advanced Protection

High Energy Density


 We work directly with industry leaders to bring you products with the latest technology. 

Qualcomm Quick

Charge Technology

Qi Certified

Apple Certified

Verified Safety

Safety at All Costs

Safety testing and certifications are at the very core of our product development process. From environmental testing of all materials to brutal drop and impact testing, you can be confident that Ubio Labs accessories deliver safe, reliable performance every time. Ubio products sport a long list of certifications covering comprehensive safety requirements from all over the globe.